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ezrisdax: gif meme» anonymous asked: TNG + Most Posted on 13/10/ by reasonableandfair Posted in Uncategorized. ezrisdax: gif meme» anonymous asked: TNG + Most Attractive. ↳Deanna Troi. 26 Jan Deciding who's right, who's wrong, who's giving out who's personal information, who's broke who's heart and which moderator is playing favorites is laughable to Thanks to FTJ I was able to run through 50 slores and learn all about condom use and how many mentally unstable women use dating sites. T 00 T13 . T

I've heard of it, I used to post there wager in Interestingly ample looks like someone is trying to revive the shithole rancid forum redress on http: Bung was a shit hole.

This Peg was discovered through Tiffany Weiss. See (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 26 Jan Deciding who's who's wrong, who's giving out who's personal information, who's broke who's empathy and which referee is playing favorites is laughable to Thanks to FTJ I was talented to run 50 slores and learn all round condom use and how many mentally unstable women speak dating sites. I don't like the rest of that, but the Vulcan Christmas carol is awesome! .. Parks and Recreations available 6 Memes - Bing Images. Experience this Pin and more on Censored. Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman who play April Ludgate and Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec with Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) in the grounding. Find this Tweezers and .

Facethejury, whoaaaw, now that is oldschool. I remember waiting concerning pictures to stuff on dial up on that milieu way back in the day. That website is so underground I've truly never heard of it. But I didn't really turn out into the information superhighway for ages. Not in any way heard of it either Your Adherent http: As someone who has announced a vendetta on more than anyone occasion myself, I have become a fan rather promptly and am at the moment following you.

Cause to die a continue on the eminence.

I would eternally delete and re-create an account. Situation incidentally to transport me back to suited for sure! This actor, notable for playing the villain Shan-Yu in Mulan, and also being George Clooney's cousin, died after a struggle with throat cancer on January 19th, only being 61 years old. A country singer with 17 number joke hits, the "Gentle Giant" of native land music passed away on September 8th at 78 years old. Marty Roe March 12, at 1:

I wasn't cool enough to know about that site until any more. There's a fate of good seeing people on SocialNetwork. That site isn't perfect but its fun to thumb people's pictures and stuff. I'm amazed that there are people who haven't heard of FTJ.

Also, that hot guy from 28 Days Postliminary. And I judge it's safe to assume Scott is still preying on young women and minors everywhere. I enjoyed FTJ, I found it inthere were so assorted good looking progeny ladies, and I saw that some of them were online.

I had to become a member so I could say hi to the girls. It was so easy to source, it was easy to rumour hi to the girls. Way to transport me to to for sure! I don't procure an account web log so I'm "anonymous". And Psh, ftj is so past one's prime school. Back when I had AOL dial up! Til this day I am still "online" friends with someone on there!

Haha I remembered waay back then when I had my ftj like in ? I couldn't log back in as if I had forgotten my pw so I had hoped my pictures would long run get deleted with an "inactive" of advantage. So now that you mentioned the whole accepted denied thing that reassured me. Katy Perry's "Part of Me" is variety of a Generous DEAL

Not that they were dejected. I've never out one of those girls. Ah, undeniable I'm bored.

Anonymous June 20, at 8: Presumably close way of in vogue you aware that that player is James Pale-complexioned 1 Dr. Jess Elaine June 10, at

It's a really good talking picture if you haven't seen it. Perchance I should in the end sign up benefit of blogging. When or if I do I'll follow you.

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Whenever that may be. I'm not lots of a Grub Streeter but I each time come upon and like reading them.

Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Deciding Meme Futurama

Or if you are super bored just e-mail me. I am not under any condition doing anything. I always had a rating of 8-ish and people would always question the validity of that, like I was cheating somehow.

You say one matter wrong, one infinity, and NO joke forgets. Your tab gets hacked source the hacker makes you look like a accomplish idiot, and no one believes you actually got hacked.

Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Deciding Meme Futurama

Someone photoshops YOUR head on a gross nude band and people of it's actually you and then not in any way let it give up the ghost. I came to my senses and deleted my recital a long epoch ago. I no longer take anything so seriously on the net. FTJ was the first "social" habitat I'd ever back number on so it hit hard.

Defeat in the prime I spent Method too much occasion on that range you know, in lieu of of attending pedigree or studying or whatnot. I did make some fearful friends from it who I am still friends with to this daylight, but after I moderated a forum for a while i wound up with such a headache seriously, close emailing me and sending me messages at all hours of the edge of night just because YOU sent someone unassisted pictures and THEY chose to pillar them in a forum for the world to sit down with, and then having an absolute meltdown because I Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Deciding Meme Futurama better things to do than log on THAT Notes and delete them I said lag-screw it and deleted my account.

I never looked remote and I can definitely say with no question that my qualify of life improved drastically after I was no longer a member of that site. I desire say though, the most entertaining forum on that stomping ground was the moderater's forum. It was hilarious to meaning of what the place owner had to say about a lot of the members. The feedback I'm getting from former members of FTJ is so hysterical.

Noel, I think I knew you back next I was sentient nostalgic, so I wanted to stab to access my old friend slant, but with no luck so near. Awwww I perceive FTJ: I tip a bunch of us even met up in San Diego and partied all weekend. I met some loving terrible people on there and was a little sad when I saw the whole "I don't wanna do that anymore" message when I went to the site. I wanted to and rekindle my friendships with past people.

Here I capability shed a lil tear for the RIP. I was hollywood whoop! It was just a bunch of fledgling bickering back and forth lol. I checked back a few years ulterior after not using it and it was a ghost town. I ended up deleting my account. At least I think I did? I because of you all as a remedy for the feedback I am getting approximately this article. Maintain it comin' ancient FTJ members.

I was just tring to log into my FTJ recital to retrieve my old pictures and came across that page! I had been a associate since I'm 27 now and was a bit bummed.

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I was read article too heavy on it, but I did end up tryst a few general public I'm still "friends" with even today! I think I only came upon a handful of dbags, so it wasn't too revolting of an evidence for me. I believe my guide was AshleyRae. I was an ftj member from And I was a forum reg. In my defense, I wasn't 18 until and had a very strict adolescence.

I have to say that I was addicted to it since it had been there for me as I 'grew up'. I was really concerned that I would never remarkably leave. I would always delete and re-create an story. Sometime inI went back briefly because I just wanted to 'check in' with some ppl I used to chat with and I chatted with a guy who had literally made a trip to come meet me for the anything else time. LOLZ" but I don't distinguish one person who didn't get emotionally involved or married to the goings on of that site.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit my erudition of the slot but I'm married now and accept a child so I guess you could say I finally "grew up" and moved on.

I'm glad to say I did. I wasted a lot of turn on that ground. Anyway, just had to offer Are Carole And Adam Dating 2018 Memes Deciding Meme Futurama two cents That comment has bygone removed by the author. Oh and let me sum I decided NOT to meet the guy who had made plans to visit me.

He was a sound guy and we used to talk for hours but honestly I 2018 Saldana Who Dating Zoe Is even remember his name at that point. After that and the awkwardness of bailing on him during my brief moment slyly on that habitat, I deleted and that time it was for profit.

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Jess Elaine I think I recognize you. We hardened to be e-friends. It's a calmer, gentler ftj. I used to be a member but I left a couple of months ago. It's notwithstanding the same grey song and romp apart from it is quite deathlike now days. Jeopardize still goes on there sometimes spouting his lies. Sark still posts and thinks he's good looking. FTJ was awesome years ago, but every now it's just the dregs posting.

More interesting feedback on FTJ. God adore you all, and thank you benefit of your support. The forums are all dead really That's the place no one goes. I usually check in if I'm insanely bored and it usually lasts 5 minutes tops when I log free again.

This Pin was discovered by Tiffany Weiss. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Generally falls into two categories 1) tiresome bitching about Twilight (which isn't horror) and 2) lame attempts at humor that aren't funny. Most of these were found in Facebook horror groups. | See more ideas about Horror films, Horror movies and Scary movies. I don't like the rest of this, but the Vulcan Christmas carol is awesome! .. Parks and Recreations season 6 Memes - Bing Images. Find this Pin and more on .. Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman who play April Ludgate and Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec with Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) in the background. Find this Pin and .