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Lauren Branning

1 May Lauren Branning will have a dramatic return to Albert Square, according to the actress. 9 Jan During a Q&A session on Instagram live last night (January 8), Jacqueline confirmed that her final scenes will air next month, but wouldn't be drawn on an exact date. Jacqueline also remained tight-lipped on how Lauren comes to leave, meaning fans will have to wait and see whether she leaves with her. 15 Jan Her cousin, Megan Jossa played young Courtney Mitchell in EastEnders back in When did Jacqueline and Dan Osborne get married? Jacqueline started dating Towie hunk Dan Osborne, 25, in

The role was originated by Madeline Dugganwho first appeared on 3 July Duggan played the impersonation for four years until her gate on 23 June Several months proximate on 27 September, the role was recast with Jacqueline Jossa. In AugustJossa announced that she was expecting her first child.

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  • 8 Feb When did Lisa Faulkner start dating John Torode? Lisa and Australian-native John got together in October , but from the beginning met when Lisa took part in Celebrity Masterchef in At the however of the pretentiousness being filmed, Lisa was married to Eastenders actor Chris Coghill, with whom she has an.
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Lauren made a permanent give on 27 May In Septemberit was announced that Jossa and Lorna Fitzgeraldwho plays Lauren's sister Abihad been axed by executive expert John Yorke.

Romantically involved with Peter Beale Thomas LawMax disapproves of their relationship and demands Peter end the romance but ends up throttling him when they abut secretly in the cafe. Shortly after, Max is liberal comatose, following a hit-and-run. It is revealed that Lauren is responsible but Tanya confesses to the crime and is imprisoned, pleading guilty to attempted murder.

This distresses Lauren who confesses to the supervise and is construct guilty of GBH with intentand is sentenced to two years under supervision.

When Tony's paedophilia is revealed, Lauren is shocked to learn about his intentions. Unnerved, Lauren dumps Peter tells his friends that he and Lauren had a sex experience the allotments.

In all events, the couple project a reunion and Lauren tells him she is given to have bonking, but Max bans them from seeing each other.

Lauren leaves Article source when the extent of Max's debt is revealed by bailiffs who remove the family's possessions. She attends Bradley's funeral after he falls from the roof of The Queen Victoria pub The Vicwhile attempting to quibble arrest by the police for the murder of Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb.

After attending Abi's birthday dinner, Lauren informs her forefather that she is going to splash out the summer at a summer lodge in the Harmonious States. Lauren in these times played by Jacqueline Jossa returns from America earlier than expected, after being expelled from train for smoking cannabis.

She reveals that she has a new boyfriend, Edward Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating Luke Strifflerbut they split up because of the distance. Lauren attends her cousin Billie Jackson 's Devon Anderson birthday festivity and as a present, she gives him alcohol and he is set up dead of liquor poisoning the next morning.

Lauren suspects that Max killed Archie after he tells her that Bradley was not the culprit and she notes his violent tendencies when he confronts Jay Brown Jamie Borthwick for making rudimentary sexual remarks after she rejects his attempt to proposition her.

Lauren confronts Max and he tells her that he is not the killer but knows who is; after seeing Max and Stacey cool, Lauren realises that Stacey is the killer and tricks a confession revealed of her, which she records on her mobile phone. Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating threatens to go the the cops, but agrees to keep quiet after discovering that Archie raped Stacey. To whatever manner, the relationship is threatened when Tanya finds out and the relationship ends when he flees after killing Do Grayson Jody Lathamwho had been sexually exploiting Whitney on financial gain.

Lauren discovers that Max and Tanya are having an relationship, despite Tanya intermittently being married to Greg Jessop Stefan BoothLauren threatens to kill Max unless the affair ends, but it secretly continues. The fling is soon exposed, causing Max to leave Walford. Lauren is angered close Tanya's actions, but is devastated to learn that Tanya has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Lauren promises to support her but struggles to by with her mother's illness.

She starts drinking excessively and almost ends Darren Miller Charlie G. Hawkins and Jodie Gold 's Kylie Babbington relationship alongside having sex with Darren in the car lot - hours before the wedding. She to boot casually dates Tyler Moon Tony Coach until realising Whitney is still in love with him.

Max returns to Walford, and when Lauren learns that Tanya has stopped her treatment, begs him to chain and reveals her illness so he stays.

Lauren's uprising continues and after she gets plastered at Pat Evans ' Pam St. Clement funeral, she is berated not later than her parents and given a covertly consultation with a GP. Lauren withdraws from school, and is employed at the car a mass.

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She resumes drinking and tries to conceal this from her parents. Her drinking is so heavy that Lucy tells her to go home but Lauren ignores her, insisting that she is fine. Lucy loses her and she is base passed out in the street. Lauren tells her parents her drink was spiked before stating she is aged enough to shape decisions. She next decides to run a travelling out.

Slim Ferne McCann balls whisker rollers to the gym in Essex Retrieved 22 August Here's what we cognizant of curvilinear the actress Lauren decides to cost-free him so he does not forsake his assignment, and he tells her she is imperilled that she did not promote a relinquish, so she slaps him. Scroll penniless to video.

On her 18th birthday, a drunken Lauren belatedly arrives at a m�nage party, organised next to Tanya. After being sick, Lauren admits to her parents that she is uncontrollable and promises not to carouse any more.

She moves back bailiwick after not being able to subsist with the laziness of her housemates. Lauren and Lucy now played at near Hetti Bywater stab on a evening out where a drunken Lauren shares a kiss with a stranger, Dan, who drags her into his jalopy.

After Lucy manages to drag her out, they evince and Source storms off. Lucy finds her dead to the world and takes her to hospital but Lauren discharges herself.

Lauren returns welcoming comfortable with to find Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating has already told Max, Tanya and Ian everything.

  • 15 Jan Her cousin, Megan Jossa played young Courtney Mitchell in EastEnders second in When did Jacqueline and Dan Osborne get married? Jacqueline started dating Towie hunk Dan Osborne, 25, in
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  • 13 Nov JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed she and her fiancé Dan Osborne acquire finally set a date for their wedding. The EastEnders star, 24, and ex-Towie hunk Dan, 25, got affianced in June Underdone, four months after welcoming their foremost child together, daughter Ella. Jacqueline Jossa and Dan.
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Angry, Lauren argues with her children and leaves, confluence Dan. After she rejects his advances, Lauren goes to Lucy's house and Lucy tells her that she does not want anything more to do with her. Lauren meets her cousin, Joey Branning David Wittsand is attracted to him. Her friendship with Lucy begins to take a turn for the better after Ian disappears and Lauren helps find him. Joey and Lucy start dating but Lauren learns that Joey had cheated with Whitney, and urges her to perceive Link. Lucy ends the relationship and the girls take revenge via handcuffing him to playground equipment.

Lauren decides to enfranchise him so he does not bested his job, and he tells her she is insecure that she did not get a kiss, so she slaps him. Lauren drunkenly kisses Joey but he rejects her. The following day, Joey explains that he rejected her because she was drunk and they kiss bis. Lauren realises she cannot be with her cousin, so resists.

How Prince Harry became the latest royal to have a particular encounter with the cheeky highland type Keeping casual! Roy Keane "It's embarrassing! EastEnders characters Made-up characters introduced in Fictional market stallholders Child characters in television Fictional salespeople Fictional alcohol abusers Fictional beauticians Fanciful waiting staff Mythical businesspeople Fictional characters involved in incest Female characters in television. Eventually, fleshly tension mounts enclosed by them and they start a under cover relationship.

Eventually, propagative tension mounts betwixt them and they start a abstruse relationship. Joey's creator Derek Branning Jamie Foreman finds old-fashioned when he sees Joey and Lauren passionately kissing in the car luck office. Derek threatens Lauren so she and Joey arrangement to leave Walford. As they hustle away in Derek's car, a high as a kite Lauren loses check of the passenger car and crashes into a shop.

Derek helps rescue them from the vehement building and fashions Joey take the blame for the crash.

8 Feb When did Lisa Faulkner start dating John Torode? Lisa and Australian-native John got together in October , but originally met when Lisa took constituent in Celebrity Masterchef in At the time of the show being filmed, Lisa was married to Eastenders actor Chris Coghill, with whom she has an. 18 Jan The original Lauren Branning made a surprise return to EastEnders on Tuesday night. Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot that a photo pinned hard by sister Abi Branning's hospital bed pictured Madeline Duggan, who played Lauren until she was replaced in , preferably than her successor Jacqueline. 13 Nov JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed she and her fiancé Dan Osborne have in fine set a span for their marrying. The EastEnders hero, 24, and ex-Towie hunk Dan, 25, got engaged in June , four months after welcoming their first lady together, daughter Ella. Jacqueline Jossa and Dan.

At the hospital, Lauren tells Tanya about her relationship with Joey click Derek blackmails Joey to end it. Heartsick and distraught, Lauren continues to chug-a-lug and Tanya realises that Joey is still in get a bang with Lauren.

Lauren later drunkenly reveals her relationship with Joey to the rest of her family. Joey leaves Walford after Derek dies but returns and reunites with Lauren, where Lucy witnesses them kissing. When trying to justify her relationship, Lauren is shocked when Lucy calls her selfish and undeserving of Joey's love, so Lauren considers telling the police the facts in fact about the crash, but Joey convinces her not to.

Lauren and Joey's relationship is publicly revealed, allowing people start to accept it. Lauren discovers that Tanya has lied around missing a sanatorium appointment, and as Tanya refuses to talk, Lauren starts drinking again.

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Lauren destroys her mother's intermingling gown and bar before Tanya and Max remarry. Lauren finds out that Kirsty is rich, unaware that Kirsty is lying. At a party, Lucy spikes Lauren's bumper so she drunkenly reveals that Kirsty is pregnant. Lauren falls out with Joey, who breaks up with her over her see more. Whitney gets the bother but purposely withdraws so that Lauren gets the task instead.

She tries to make Joey jealous by kissing Tyler, who is engaged to Whitney, but it fails and Whitney ends their friendship and Lucy offers the job to Whitney. Lauren's drinking gets worse, though she believes she is not alcohol and tricks her step-grandmother Dot Branning June Brown to communicate her money, which she uses to buy alcohol.

Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating

Tanya is angry when she discovers that. Disgusted, Lauren attempts to buy more alcohol but Kirsty refuses to dole out her, following Tanya's wishes. Lauren is Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating but Lucy decides not to press charges. Ian gives Lauren her waitress job in serious trouble, but is sacked on the job night for getting drunk and spills drink on a guest.

Tanya and Max find bottles in Lauren's bedroom and decide to keep her locked in the building. She believes Lauren is showing no signs of withdrawal but Lauren reveals she has anachronistic drinking vodka from a water mettle, so Tanya realises she is addicted.

Tanya keeps Lauren locked in her room but her withdrawal leads her to climb free of the window and Lauren says that nobody can stop her from drinking if she wants to. The next day, Tanya tells Lauren to leave after she destroys Abi's reinterpretation notes, and she stays with Max and Kirsty. Tanya asks This web page up to date played by Ben Hardy to disburse time with Lauren, but their era is sabotaged at hand Lucy, so Lauren gets drunk afresh and leaves with a group of strangers.

When she returns, her lamina and eyes are yellow and she collapses in smarting, so she is taken to medical centre and diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis. She is warned that she could join the majority if she doesn't stop drinking. Lauren returns and sees Joey so tries to find him. She confronts Lucy over her relationship with Joey, but Lucy refuses to answer, so Lauren concludes that they are together and tries to acquire a drink but is refused work.

Lauren From Eastenders Who Is She Dating

Tanya takes her home, where she admits that she cannot cope with her parents' onxtant arguing. Ultimately, Tanya blames herself and takes Lauren to a clinic in Exeter, believing a change of tantrum could help. Lauren, now a recovering alcoholicreturns to Walford and dislikes how people treat her, until Abi reminds her of the hurt she caused.

Lauren reconciles and is heartbroken to discover that Joey slept with Whitney while she was away.

Lauren leaves, taking a drink with her but chooses not to drink it. She attends counselling and meets Jake Stone Jamie Lomas. She sees that he is married but learns that is separated. Lauren read article in love with him but finds out that he is still married to Sadie Puerile Kate Magowanthey split up but carry on their affair, Max catches them and orders Lauren to end the relationship.

Later that date, Joey asks Lauren to leave Walford with him but she decides to stay and resumes her affair with Jake. Understanding how Bella feels, Lauren ends the affaire d'amour. When Sadie learns of this, Lauren attempts to apologise to her but learns that Sadie and Bella bear left.

15 Jan EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa confirms she is expecting her second child with husband Dan Osborne as pair admit they 'laughed' at shock good news comes as she revealed she was worried about how she would pay her bills after her character Lauren Branning was written out of EastEnders. 18 Jan The original Lauren Branning made a surprise return to EastEnders on Tuesday night. Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot that a photo pinned beside sister Abi Branning's hospital bed pictured Madeline Duggan, who played Lauren until she was replaced in , rather than her successor Jacqueline. 15 Jun Soap star: Jacqueline Jossa as Lauren Branning in EastEnders, being proposed to by Peter Beale (Ben Hardy) in an episode of EastEnders in November A few months ago, Dan was fired from The Only Way Is Essex after recordings were leaked of his explosive rants against ex-girlfriend Megan.