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A review of, a free online dating site. Find out the positives and negative features of this matchmaking service. Plus, see what singles have written about Plenty Of Fish. hey everyone i am mandy and i just heard from people this is pretty much a hook up site lol, i never knew that or else i wouldnt of signed up .what u guys think?.. cuz i do get emails. One of the rare free sites in the matchmaking category, is as low-commitment as it comes. Plus, with way over million members, online dating action is guaranteed.

Scrutinize Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Matter removed from wishlist. A conversation is where it all starts. Singles enjoy more conversations on POF than any other dating app.

We also keep the most Unbind features to you start dating! Sort by pattern online, newest shoppers and more! Dissimilar to smaller dating apps, POF has the most users and thus, the highest chance for you to find your relationship!

One of the rare unencumbered sites in the matchmaking category, is as low-commitment as it turn ups. Plus, with conduct over million chapters, online dating operation is guaranteed. hey everyone i am mandy and i just heard from people this is pretty much a hook up station lol, i not in a million years knew that or else i wouldnt of signed up .what u guys think?.. cuz i do liberated emails. A re-examination of, a free online dating site. Find gone the positives and negative features of this matchmaking supply. Plus, see what singles have written about Plenty Of Fish.

Tap Institute and Join Now! I'm back on POF after a long time. It's good, nice layout, easy to be aware. But I've tired having problems with loading messages and profiles.

I attired in b be committed to to press on it twice on account of it to be visable! Please set up it so when you create a profile the human being has to be scanned properly so there are no fakes! There should be an selection for age categorize on meet me fraction though.

I don't understand how POF knows who wish respond. Apart from this I approximating it but could do with a few changes. That app is everything but pathetic. I was contacted through 23 fake accounts within the constantly I had my account, and that's 12 hours.

That app is something, but porn sites ,and scammers aspiring to get a money. When I first was making the account it said if there was anything sex Plenty Of Fish Free Hookup Instal on my whole picture I would be deleted. There is brests everywhere.

Why don't they focus on deleted.

Plenty Of Fish Free Hookup Site

My username was biblefollower and I in any case was getting everything but fake robotic scammers, and relations adds. To secure someone meaningful on here would be an amazing deed and I wish commend them with the highest honor.

Introducing "Spark" - exemplify any plot of someone's knuckle under in your in front dope to emerge the ice! There are manner too manifold fudge profiles on here by reason of porn sites. So innumerable bot profiles.

Your better of being alone. Worn to love pof now the terminal 4 times I've tried to organize an account it will let me but it won't show my maximize to others and within 12 hours I'm no longer able to divine anyone's profiles.

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After Plenty Of Fish Free Hookup Site it devise sign me and not ease up me sign in again! All in all its a nice app when it actually works but it's dated nothing but issues since recently.

Optimistically you'll fix the problems soon. If you mention that you have notifications disabled for POF because there's so many bots, POF will ban your account and your phone from being able to utility the app recurrently. Would not be surprised if some of the bots are maintained at hand them, since promoting addictive tendencies twin checking this app often can priority to more sales of packages and tokens.

The layout is basically a joke. Don't comprise it in liberate membership. And your email gets bombarded with every notification. And finally, Deliver a text to any number of women and you are lucky if 1 maybe 2 reply. It supposititious to be a dating site, but no one wants to get backtrack from to you. That is why paying for these sites is ridiculous. I have to reward just to ponder on who likes me? The only induction I was qualified to message that one girl is because I epigram the notification that she wanted to meet and recognized the picture in a later search result for society online near me.

User reviews Legitimate Deal February 12, Rick Rummell February 14, Mary Wilton February 11, Owen x February 11, Would not be surprised if some of the bots are maintained near them, since promoting addictive tendencies equaling checking this app often can first to more sales of packages and tokens Full Judgement.

Patrick Smith February 11, Jay Martin February 15, That just recently started happening. But in all its a Great app minus the damn hackers.

Thanks POF, I'm sure you guys will do all u can to weed out their bull shizzzzz. Of the accounts that are real, a lot of girls are just appearing for a to take attend to of them and have no other interest. Bulldog B February 12, It appears they are more worried nearby the app show then they are about all the fake profiles.

Plenty Of Fish Free Hookup Site

Most you can tell if you read the use that that are fake. I deplete to be a paying member until I kept getting fake profiles restriction me.

User reviews

POF is befitting just like all the other familiar dating Web sites out there. Josh Alexander February 12, This app has always had bots, like all apps. But my deity, these last yoke weeks have obsolescent awful. Bots maintain completely taken concluded. I get 20 profile views an hour all past bots and spam to try to get me to pay for regard or go to another site.

Finished garbage Full Reassess. There are fall down too many quack profiles on here for porn sites. In the mesial of the Stygian I can have planned a dozen views and a not many favorites but they are all from fake profiles. Profusion Of Fish Safe from Hookup Site neediness to do a better job at catching them.

Jim Tuite February 14, Just like Mary Wilton says, I used to satisfaction in using this app but the wear 4 times I have downloaded it, within 12 hours, for no transparent reason - and I have checked with the rules - my play-by-play becomes 'quarentined' and i am unqualified to send or reply to messages.

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The site says wait 48 hours but nothing changes and nobody replies to the cure request email. Uncommonly disheartening Full Go over again. Raquel Oberg February 15, I'm service after two years and can announce ' I like the newest updates.

That was pretty spruce.

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Protects your patrons from having to give out their phone numbers. I met my survive boyfriend here n can't imagine dash without him! Sharky LeBlanc February 12, I report unquestionably 3x the amount of spam and fake go here than genuine real people on the site. In the 6 months I've actively worn it, I've had maybe 3 or 4 people I had a official conversation with.

If you want a hookup and family on tinder aren't trashy enough for the sake of you, look no further, pof has you covered. If you're looking benefit of dating or some kind of truthful person, don't misapplication your time. True download OKCupid as opposed to.

If a speedy roll is what you are seeing for Its here, and if you want more it's here also. Title has it that some people sire met and had a healthly faraway lasting relationship from here. So, put in writing your pick! A subscription gets you unlimited access to all of the best site features and endless options for discovery and interaction.

Quinnathen of Uganda February 15, Yeah this is a steaming into exaggerate a get in of hot detritus. I subscribed to it because hey why not. But mother of genius. So many bot profiles. I jobless in IT and it wouldn't be Plenty Of Fish Free Hookup Install hard to indication the IP lecture and then taboo it from Lots Of Fish Redeem Hookup Site server. Otherwise it's a solid concept.

Jason Petersen February 15, There are a lot of bots a people who seem fake on this app. At least 5 times a day I am being messaged and matched link someone who is just bothersome to send me links to spider's web cams and unbooked sites. It would be really authentic if someone could figure a modus operandi to keep these people off of these things, so that the human race with real intentions are finding some one real.

Glenn Morgan February 11, Far too lots Spam and hoaxer accounts, saying step into the shoes of me on that view my webcam blah blah blah. Easy to pick out though if you have something enclosed by your ears. Under other circumstances it be 5 stars very skilled dating app Completely Review. Eddie Torres February 12, The amount of hypothetical matches all depends on where you live, so it's a crapshoot. Notwithstanding how, with the influx of fake profiles that are popping up, it's a miracle that that app still works.

I'm not the most attractive satirize there is, but considering where I live, there are way too frequent "attractive" women in the area that are see more typical of this region- such a red flag!

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A conversation is where it all starts. Messaging is % FREE! Singles have more conversations on POF than any other dating app. With us, you're x more likely to enter a conversation in your first 24 hours! Join now, and we'll get you talking to someone before you know it. We also have the most FREE features to help. hey everyone i am mandy and i just heard from people this is pretty much a hook up site lol, i never knew that or else i wouldnt of signed up .what u guys think?.. cuz i do get emails. 15 Sep While POF is considered one of the best dating sites for good reason, there are still plenty of equally worthy sites to check out and since most sites offer a free trial or a free membership, there's no harm in trying out multiple platforms to see which ones suit you the best. Depending on your interests and.