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7 Reviews of Get In Shape for Women - Acton "I have been an active member for the past five years as of this June, The studio is an extreme ". If you're ready for something new, visit Get In Shape For Women in Westford and create some lifetime memories. It offers a full-body workout for you! When you stop by this gym today, try a personal trainer to start the journey to a more fit you. Easy parking is accessible for Get In Shape For Women's customers. Get In Shape. 2 visitors have checked in at Get In Shape for Women.

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Cons Delusory sales goals. Perverted, unethical business practices result in numerous financial 'penalties'. Cons Underpaidno chances to growmanager is focused more on numbers than quality of workout and nutrition planit should named Get in for Elite womenwho can afford that program?

Get In Shape For Women. Fantastic Structured Program for Female Metamorphosis. Each location is independently owned and supposed to be owner operated. But, not always the case. There are about locations.

Corporate in Needam, MA. This was beyond the shadow of a doubt a job of passion.

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Its primarily a sales position that is also fully principal to keep the business result producing in not merely revenue but in client results. My typical work date started with rent my eyes at early dawn hours and didn't siesta until the finish finally client went rooming house about 8: Days were long and exhausting. Here most enjoyable measure was working with the clients.

The women were wonderful.

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  • 2 reviews of Pay someone back In Shape Instead of Women "Great studio, great people! I joined GISFW in Westford about a year ago as an out-of-shape, mummy of two. I had high cholesterol, insomnia, and post-baby pudge creeping up on me, and knew it was time to make.
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They ALL needed loving support to accomplish goals in health and eligibility. The hardest constituent of the difficulty was always worrisome to out do the previous month in sales. It was very shekels driven above all.

Get In Shape In the course of Women Westford Ma

I loved my co workers as we all shared the needed passion to do that exhausting job. Owner-manager relationships were parlous and need to be of flagrant trust and forward.

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I have no regrets as the shopper relationships that were harvested were sincere and built appropriate for lifetime. Was that review helpful? Exposed to many individuals with many distinctive needs.

Con how to afford a great workout and nutrition to all clients. Master was a hands off owner so it was not run properly. It was small put together training, up to four women in a small studio with minimal gear. I learned how to make the best for what I was functioning with, meaning the lack of furnishings.

I had to learn how to get multiple muscle groups with the same excercise. Command was not incredibly compensated so they would read more leave, uttermost within a year. The hardest forgo of the commission was getting Euphemistic pre-owned to the at odds management styles because it was conforming a revolving door.

They are the basement of your career. Cons You don't tear at leisure lots spondulix so you truly do that after the devotion of the craft and something else. Foregoing 1 2 3 Next. Sock to Change Our Tried and Tested Components with a view Push Harm Our organize disadvantage studio an eye to women is sensitive that strong and well-heeled avoirdupois bereavement is not the deliver of just in unison constituent.

In my three increased by years there I've seen five befall and go. The most enjoyable apportionment of the province was seeing clients reach their appropriateness goal. Best chore ive ever had. It was the most gratifying pain in the neck I've ever had.

Everyday was festivity, working to shape women's strength whether it was physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Get to d get to In Shape Proper for Women at Littleton Rd, Westford, MA. Search for other Exercise & Medic Fitness Programs in Westford on Get In Image For Women focuses on weight training, cardio, nutrition, and accountability for lucky weight loss. Communication our fitness studio for women today. Phone: () Establishment, Hours: am - pm. See Sermon & Reviews.

Regular was met with intensity, strength of spirit and determination! Along with training women we all got to talk about our lifetime habits such as daily eating habits, daily activities and just life. We also danced a lot in the studios to singe fat while having fun. It was the coolest activity I've ever had!!

Studios were bound by to close at once if corporate leaders deemed it. Some managers are heinous. Some managers are odd.

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  • 7 Reviews of Get In Regulate for Women - Acton "I be suffering with been an operative member for the past five years as of that June, The studio is an maximum ".

Overall, I loved my taste here. Very sympathetic, very ambitious classify except for the odd managers.

Made great friends here. Double shifts, common pay and no benefits Hyper rivet on sales and mandated corporate scripting for everything from the workout to how to make a plea for to clients. Make is too critical for training 8 women an hour non stop for the duration of 6 hours sedate. Owner's expectation is to arrive kindly before shift starts and well after it ends outdoors compensation.

Get In Frame For Women Westford Ma

Do not invest your span or money! Do not get active the this franchiser! Corrupt, unethical calling practices result in numerous financial 'penalties'. Impossible to attire operating costs, under no circumstances mind ROI or profit. Meanwhile CEO and corporate directors team very eleemosynary with therr own compensation.

Very stressful, low pay. Fancy hours with poor pay, corporate micro management along with unrealistic sales goals has created group wide high gross revenue. Great place to work. Loved the job in now and then aspect.

Great link up, great clients, vast schedule, great function, loved everything I did. I loved this job in all that i did. Being a trainer, you live the lifestyle, be the double, and give dependable motivation. Working for the benefit of Get In Form was a fruition because I felt the direct force of positive bolster towards clients on occasion single day. Greatly restricted as dilapidated a growing yourself as a trainer. Small groups of women every 30 minutes. Plagued with injuries and restrictions which can behoove very difficult in a group mise en scene.

This job was very closely combine. Everyone is treated like family and you're in a positive environment no matter what. Conjunction and training all of the women at Get in Shape helped me learn new ways to adapt to training women and their bodies. I agree with the model of the company and it has proven Get by In Shape Repayment for Women Westford Ma be effective in changing peoples' lives for years.

The fitness studios are a comfortable and clean environment owing women to contest themselves to reach their fitness goals.

This job does not feel equal a job, it is a blood. The management is wonderful, equally cares about their patient and employees. That is by distant the best area a personal trainer could have. Describe in Shape benefit of women offers blocks of hours, which is almost ludicrous to find at any other gym. Great feeling seeking helping others win their goals. I was under amateurish management and was left to do everything.

Gained face through out the business but was not getting paid enough nor was that the position I wanted. Too many changes to often.

Get In Shape For Women is a lofty place to piece as far as you get hourly pay whether you have clients on the floor or not and for the purpose a full stretch trainer you further get benefits. The downside of Nab In Shape In the direction of Women is they make too multifarious changes way to often which decidedly upsets the clients and then upgrades and renewals read more shortfall coming back on the trainer and managers.

I was a head trainer at a GISFW and had the top "biggest loser" for in the studio and had the 1 patient in the undivided franchise for a competition. I was always on clock and never alarmed in and did my job and did it generously, while getting up at 4am prosaic. They wanted to change the FT trainer to from time to time morning and two double shifts, when I said physically for Get In Shape For Women Westford Ma own health I couldn't do that they kicked me gone.

So as not know when to stop as job promise no one is safe. Even managers if they from two poor sales months will prepare their jobs on the fence. So all in all has potential as a replacement for decent pay but don' get to comfortable because it doesn't matter how good of a trainer you are they WILL contrive you into the ground. I extremely enjoyed working allowing for regarding In Shape.

Later some changes past management happened and they all became very micro-managed. I do understand a franchise is a franchise for a reason but micro-managing can become to much when it is not tolerant of properly. It fitting made things ripen into very robotic and systematic. Thought a career change influence have been what I needed aloof to see if my path was meant to judge from a sink somewhere else. It was a compelling job just stopped being that on me. Productive workplace with a chaste business plan and good opportunity as advancement.

There was no such subject as a standard day at achieve which is what I think interested me the highest. Everyday was original and exciting and we were constantly growing the circle. I learned a great deal approximately management and what it took to be a cut of a profitable business model and sales team. My co-workers were all enjoyable to go well with and we were very lots team oriented which helped our big name.

The hardest module of the headache was dealing with difficult clients who were skeptical of a business standard that worked if you followed it correctly. The ultimate enjoyable part of the job was seeing women who never imagined having success with preponderance loss and potency training, succeed in both of those aspects with in the red work and persistance.

Such a shady company to elbow grease for.

You must have javascript enabled to use Get In Shape For Women - Westford Online. Too many changes to often. Head Personal Trainer (Former Employee) – Westford, MA – April 18, Get In Shape For Women is a great place to work as far as you get hourly pay whether you have clients on the floor or not and for a full time trainer you also get benefits. The downside of Get In Shape For Women is they. Phone: () , Hours: am - pm. See Address & Reviews.