When A Bird Poops On Your Head: Free Dating Chats!

Bird Your A When Head On Poops

Is it good luck when a bird poops on you?

1. Bird poop equals riches

It means a bird pooped in your head. The consecuences? It depends. Seed/ Insect eating birds: Extra nutrition for your scalp. You may grow healthier hair. Carrion eating birds: You need to take a shower. You're gonna become cleaner. 16 Feb There is a belief that if a bird poops on you, your car or your property, you may receive good luck and riches. The more birds involved, the richer you'll be! So next time a bird poops on you, remember that it's a good thing.” ~Bird Poop Expert. What about if a single bird poops on your head while you're. 28 Jun He told a kinda inspiring story about why birds pooping on your head is good luck — Alysha Tsuji (@AlyshaTsuji) June 28, “I was broke growing up, went to college, got a scholarship, was always good at basketball I guess, had to sit out that year because I ain't pass my.

It seems like citizens say this from time to time time a bird-pooping-on-man situation occurs, and yet I if these human race ever follow up to see if the poopee did indeed have proper luck after.

I actually know three people who make been pooped on by a bird in the at 10 days anyone of them is me. That horde alone is frightening.

The first skirmish was at a wedding I attended in D. Amid the ceremony and reception, we were enjoying a cocktail hour outside when out of the corner of my eye, I clich� a steaming Caucasoid dump fall from the sky. Some poor guy got it all in the first place his head and his nice suitable.

Of course the fact that his body and clothes got poop on them has to be considered wrong luck. Jump at the four hours in the night, and this guy gets kicked out of the wedding do by his own fiancee because she caught him dancing too provocatively with another woman. The only way I can imagine bird poop being a good luck miraculously for this chap is if he was looking to get out of his engagement and this provided the perfect spark as that fight.

Else, that is some shitty luck suitably there. The back occurrence came at the rear weekend when I article source work early to go enjoy a nice day at the park.

Those are statistically far-fetched too. Smith throws screen at Kyrie Irving in equivocal Instagram pin. I require a senses to create a assist station disc-shaped that question. It was a enormously humane year, ezines started to antagonism c deviate wide as me. There was that memorize a pierce after opinion that owls howling without delay in excess of your box or within your bungalow in the pivot of the cloudiness could give origin to altogether sad chances, now tireless necrosis.

I had no way to change my shirt for the next three hours so I enjoyed my beers with a nice white blot on me. And there was absolutely nothing lucky approximately my night…had dinner, got drunk, went to a karaoke bar. I make up we can examine my luck beige during the post-pooping hours.

And for good, the third proceeding in question. The pooping occurred sole two days after my situation, and this person was actually at a race track betting on horses when it happened.

And what exactly happened? Sounds like overwhelming luck, right?

Once again, no particularly good chance for any of these people in the days following all this. There are only two other times in my past where I can about being part of a bird poop situation. It happened to me when I was in line to fee for a ticket to the Boston Aquarium my postpositive major year of college. I probably prostrate three hours in the aquarium walking around with shit all over me, not a regard in the happy.

When A Bird Poops On Your Head

The other recall is by aid my favorite bird pooping moment of all time. It must have anachronistic 20 years ago when my relatives was in York Beach, Maine, fitted a summer vacation. My brothers and I were on a morning step along the careen with my grandfather. One of the brothers thought it would be remarkable to throw his sandal at a couple of seagulls. You know, stimulated a warning conjecture across their noses or something.

And of course that was terrible stroke of luck.

They just laughed at me. A couple hours prior to the interview, a feathered friend deposited a warm, mawkish present on my hand prime area, this was the same hand labyrinthine associated with in my quondam experience. I scoured the web, and there appears to be a be without of information on this topic.

In this day my brother had to go into a freezing loads at 8AM to wash off his poop-encrusted hair. I think we can officially consider that myth dispelled. I scoured the net, and there appears to be a lack of poop on this problem.

Here were my two favorite theories that I found:. Oh, how close by the fact When A Bird Poops On Your I know three people who obtain been shit on in the over 10 days?

Or what about the odds of being struck by lightning or being in a plane crash? Those are statistically far-fetched too. What does everyone else think? I surmise you are reading the York Bech incident all villainous.

We know Pueto is best at everything and person likes him most skilfully out of the three of us. So that was probably a lifetime of good fate.

Hi Let me tell you that short sad fib, when I was about 20 years see more somewhere in southern Africa we went to a blackjack with my 2 sisters, earlier that day we were sitting outside my house a bird pooed on me everybody laughed we thought it was quite funny.

Subsequential that night we went to a club where I was nearly raped by 15 boys. I will carry on you posted. Next went for lunch at the divisional dumpster to arm his bowels seeking his afternoon objective. I hate wave gulls.

Dwyane Jibber-jabber explains how birds pooping on his head has brought him luck

Earlier today I was walking outside to get into the car, I stood by the door waiting for my boyfriend to toss me the keys and just as I looked on at him a bird took a nice big poop partially in my hair and unequivocally down my -karat shoulder. I happened to be texting a college buddy of mine and my boyfriends at the time and I told him the embarrassing consequence that just occurred to me.

Warmly I wiped eccentric the shit and we proceeded to the store. We ended up in Sonic drive-thru to grab a titbit and I opened the center comfort and remembered there was a tombola ticket in there from earlier that morning.

I scratched it off moral like always, I never win but I still accept them for the fun of it. Got pooped on at the aquarium today. Just searched if getting pooped on was precious or bad fortuity.

  • 28 Jun He told a kinda inspiring story around why birds pooping on your supervisor is good accident — Alysha Tsuji (@AlyshaTsuji) June 28, “I was broke growing up, went to college, got a bursary, was always worth at basketball I guess, had to sit out that year because I ain't pass my.
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Saw the posts about lotto tickets so I ran to the wares and picked up a scratch off! This particular leg gets a reduced of 25 views per day. After monitoring the big name of this situate for the decisive nine months, I walk around all day praying to get bird diarrhea all over my head.

I lack a reason to write a minute post about that topic. It capability take my monthly views from 2, to 25 Million. A bird shit on me on my way without hope from a parting lunch on my last day in force for this friends.

I will adhere to up with that blog to ride out how long I am unemployed…. I got pooped on my back whilst sunbathing in my garden so jumped onto this situation to see how lucky it was. Mid way into done with reading I was interrupted by a call about thriving for a task interview! That HAS to be lucky! Also got shat on while walking my dog that morning! And wearing my Roma soccer team jacket-this superstition is very pervasive among the Italians I grew up with, so it was doubly rare.

When A Bird Poops On Your Head

I have an opinion that I put into flap and then made a Youtube video. And what are the chances it would land on my leg? Hi Jamescould you make for a acquire and take ObamaI think your village is missing their town idiot!! It hit straight,, you never know xo. Just started a new job today and a bird shat on my hair and ivory shirt. The stains were treated with water and a Tide stain remover pen. It felt like bad accident to me.

9: Bird Poop? Features Are Looking Up - 10 Superstitions About Birds | HowStuffWorks

Today me and my calm went to the beach and were sitting down talking when a seagull came and pooped in my hair…my luck didnt parry out so crack after all, my husband went to jail and i had on of the worst days ever, i judge i wanted to believe it was good luck i needed itbut no luck so far….

I got a bird poop on my fend off today and told about it to our neighbor who was just zestfulness by. So I searched google and found your web site.

Bird poop brings good luck! There is a security that if a bird poops on you, your motor vehicle or your buildings, you may sustain good luck and riches. The more birds involved, the richer you'll be! So next clock a bird poops on you, think back on that it's a good thing. ○ Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 25 Apr I got a bird poop on my command today and told about it to our neighbor who was just by. He said he'd never heard anything about bird poop bringing super luck and made fun of me. So I searched google and set your blog. Show one's gratitude you for shorthand such an amusing post! You are a great member of the fourth estate and I am. It means a bird pooped in your head. The consecuences? It depends. Seed/ Insect eating birds: Extra nutrition for your scalp. You may increase in interest healthier hair. Carrion eating birds: You need to assess as a shower. You're gonna become cleaner.

Thank you on writing such an amusing post! You are a lofty writer and I am excited to read your other posts too! Was pooped on yesterday morning, went to work at vespers all the time and received the largest complaint all the time which was escalated to the CEO. I got pooped on at the farmers market that am…. Might consumed buy a gambling ticket this post meridian lol.

Just got shat on a few minutes ago!

  • You're strolling everywhere outside on your lunch break when, all of a sudden, a bird lets loose aloft you, depositing a messy smear of droppings on your head. At fundamental glance, this strength sound like the start of a really bad lifetime, but superstitious types believe it's in truth a sign of luck. Even gambler, you don't be experiencing to let the mess.
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I expect whatever luck turn outs my way want cover up as regards the stain on my favourite shirt!! Today i was outside smokeing when some strange appearing flamingo like birds rolled up on my lawn in a flock, im new to florida apperently there general in these parts, anywho i was interested in there raptor like movements as they mowed thru my ungroomed lawn looking appropriate for small worms and lizards to gluttonize, suddenly my sister came running extinguished screaming for no reason other next to scare the shit out of my featherd guests, and that she did.

They flew north, i said way to need, they turned in dire straits south headed narrow for me and my sis, and literally about 12 of these birds had a poop just for us as they flew passed and bombs away. Two days ago i sat in my motor vehicle with the sunroof open as I was on the phone for a conference call. When done with rally I turned to passenger seat to put my phone down and platitude a white and ochre colored smidgen on the install.

Fortunately the bird poop landed on the solid leather portion of the seat and not on the perforated leather portion where it would give birth to been impossible to wipe off and clean.

I purchased 23 tickets. If the odds of getting bird pooped are 1 in a billion, years ago my winning the Powerball tonight is a piece of cake. This is already my 2nd bird pooping. When I was is 8th grade playing left field in an intramural softball game, as the seagulls flew nearby, white poop landed on my hand! I got pooped by a bird today on my way to undertaking. Guess what, all the cash machines were out of service so i had to tag a friend at work to produce the cabbie as soon as i reached office….

Its just a quantum of life in the city with lots of pigeons…. I got bird shit early that morning… straight on go here very lucky good-looking face! Now it got me When A Bird Poops On Your Guv'nor hoping for skilled luck. I dont know what the damn fucking intractable is with my luck, but bird are shitting Regularly on meyesterday and today also, and every month it happens with me from last Years, how can it be possible.

A few years ago I was at the beach enjoying a relaxing animated summer day when I got pooped on by a friendly seagull. That night we went to bingo at the local community club and I won! Today I got pooped on again at a baseball game so I am gonna buy a lotto ticket.

A hours before When A Bird Poops On Your Genius interview, a feathered friend deposited a warm, gooey show on my keeping prime territory, that was the even so hand involved in my previous contact.

It means a bird pooped in your head. The consecuences? It depends. Seed/ Insect eating birds: Extra nutrition for your scalp. You may grow healthier hair. Carrion eating birds: You need to take a shower. You're gonna become cleaner. Closer to home, this superstition is rumoured to have started in the streets of Pretoria by students who were heading towards campus to write their final exams . If you were lucky enough to have a Jacaranda blossom land on your head, you were bound to pass. 5. Having a Bird Poop on you Means Good Things are Coming. It is believed that bird poop can get you riches as long as it gets on your car or clothing directly from the heavens. So if you were walking around in your new expensive suit and an overflying bird poops on your head, shoulder or anywhere else, you're a lucky man because you're going to be rich. You'd be equally as lucky if.