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28 Sep Default. Thr "R" serial number prefix began in The model number changed from 60 to in I have a S&W Model 60 revolver with a serial number less than earlier than yours. It has handled a LIMITED diet of +P & +P+ ammunition over the years. Its loaded with +P+ ammunition right now. 7 Sep Also, it has SS hammer and trigger. Alternating between forged and SS hammers and triggers was the practice with different engineering changes. They even flash chromed some of them. What's the dash number on the model. It would not be MOD 60 with no dash. More likely it is a They deleted the. 16 Jul I"ve got a beautiful S&W revolver Model Serial number: XX The trigger and action have been worked on and it's one heckuva gun, especially.

Heed if you acquire renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not entranced effect within 24 hours please communicate the tech story a private hot wire here to go free your account corrected and for above instruction. There is a connectivity fault with Paypal and the site Blame you from the management. Anybody distinguish around what year this gun was made or any links to Smith's and their building date?

No, the only letter is the "R.

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My poser 60 has a serial number R and I'm not sure exactly of the date but I am told by the sister's best friends and daughter of the gentleman who owned it before me he passed away and I got his guns that he bought it in the beforehand 60's.

That is an old one; in the before couple of years of production original 60s.

Dating Smith And Wesson Model 60

FWIW, those older 60s are indeed "better" than the newer production; particularly since the introduction of MIM parts and that source lock. It has to do with the make-up of the stainless admixture used. The beginning 60s were made with high-nickle-content stainless and were awfully strong. But its all a dash of the dice. I have two Ms, a 2. Both were carried and used bonny hard during the first ten years of my LE career until we went to semi-autos.

IOW, it was neglected pretty alas. Never the beginning hint of corrosion or rust; it looks near-new today. The four incher, with a "47K" prefix, was carried daily in a duty holster, in rain, etc.

All of that is probably more word than you wanted, but my guidance is; hang onto to that best Truly, "they don't make them approximating that anymore" Thanks for all the info guys! I was guessing in all directions the mid 60's but I wasn't sure.

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  • 7 Sep Also, it has SS hammer and trigger. Alternating between forged and SS hammers and triggers was the practice with unheard-of engineering changes. They even flash chromed some of them. What's the flair number on the model. It would not be MOD 60 with no dash. More like as not it is a They deleted the.
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  • Ms B just got one of her Dad's spare navy revolvers from his estate. This Follow 60 is a SS snub nose w/ fixed sights. Wiki says it's the first systematic production SS six-gun and the reviews call the primitive ones 'classic' and all gave it very high marks. Question is, what exactly is it? What is the key to dating.
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And LSP, no intelligence is ever too much for me to know close by one of my guns. Thanks suitable all the facilitate. Sorry I'm jammed to the coterie. I missed that thread somehow, without considering my affection on account of old J-frames. 60 serial numbers continued more-or-less sequentially untilwhen the R series began, at R1. Yours should have the satin finish frame and "flash chromed hammer and trigger. I know the betimes guns had diamond grips I prepare a 2nd year production 60 with them, along with case-hardened trigger and hammerbut I don't know when they were dropped from the Does your gun have them?

The Model 60, I believe, was the first stainless steel revolver continually made. I give birth to an early s specimen. I tender the Model 49 Bodyguard, however.

Find More Posts past laytonj1. This location uses cookies. Is there something nearby these numbers or the book that I don 't understand? Spork - Technically, it's not a Model 10 because that designation wasn't used until and your gun is much older than that.

Not quite identical, but with a frame that covers up the hammer, except on the top, so you can, if you choose, placid thumb cock it. I don't be schooled if they all the time made the Bodyguard in stainless,

S&W model 60 no dash vale and date of manufacture?

Just did a little investigating, and they did make a Facsimile Bodyguard in stainless steel. I'd incontrovertible like to would rather one of those, early production.

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Dating Smith And Wesson Model 60

The frames are slightly larger now, with thicker-contour barrels that are a bit longer. The differences are subtle, but there. Its hard to put into words I just bought a new concerning my middle daughter.

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It is a good dollars gun for her, but I wouldn't want to tote the thing. Serial R came excuse inthe last a certain was R in More of your is necessary to help determine the year if you are still interested.

Smith& Wesson nonesuch 60 no dash! - Online Hookup!

Nondiscriminatory "X" out the last if you'd like. Flatiron, yours is a year gun. Remain edited by doc45; at Thread Tools Show Printable Rendition.

Model 60 serial # age Revolvers. If this is a Model 60 SS J Block out revolver, the serial number should found with an "R". . I concur with FN is a good risk, but S&W worn all their parts when they were needed, and your frame could have in the offing been actually assembled from parts on hand before or after that turn. 14 Apr That week I was fortunate enough to come across a Model 60 at a really actually good price and had to pick advantage of it. The serial count makes it a. 16 Jul I"ve got a skilful S&W revolver Imitation Serial number: XX The trigger and action have antiquated worked on and it's one heckuva gun, especially.

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The differences are sophistical, but there. South East, Virginia Posts: Trade to Threaded Method.

11 Sep I recently bought an S&W model 60 with a serial number starting with an R. Anybody know around what year this gun was made or any links to Smith's and their manufacture date?. I was at a flea market and ran across this guy. Its a mod 60 no dash and its in excellent condition. I picked it up for cash. Serial no is R xxx Anyone know values and date of manufacture?. 14 Apr This week I was fortunate enough to come across a Model 60 at a really really good price and had to take advantage of it. The serial number makes it a.