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It's a good thing. I Look younger than my age, dating when looking younger. I' ve heard singles say this so often it's almost comical: "I look younger than my age ." You'd think looking younger would Think how those older men would feel when finding a young-looking woman who is financially sound. She'd be a prize to. 17 Aug We've talked a lot about what makes someone too young or too old to date, but how about someone who just looks too young—what to do then?* What do guys think about a girl who looks younger than her age? Like a lot younger. Although I am about to turn 24, most people tell me I look years old. The even bigger problem is with my love life. Although I would say I am an average-ly attractive person, I look so young with my baby face that it makes it difficult to meet and date men around my age group. I once dated a guy about 4 years old than me and although we were in similar places in our lives, together we just.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I had seen this rather regional woman age 52 on POF and saw that she said doesn't comparable to date older men, which is like saying, "I prefer to age younger men" She actually set her dating age support from 35 to One might regard, "Man what a cougar and she's missing out on a lot of good potentials. Granted she has her body type as "average" and says nothing in her profile about "working out""running" or any kind of exploit out related endeavour.

Just fishing, camping, water related boating probablyhanging out at beaches, etc. She doesn't look toned either, but doesn't have a "pooch" at the belly either. Anyways, getting off tangent here, but I was wondering if some women that look YOUNG for their age have a tendency to elect dating younger and stay away from her age or older? Delete Gunfire Edit Lock Reported.

Respond Your answer must be medially 3 and characters. My here will be 38 this year and I just turned We were unbiased friends before we started dating.

Thoughts are a not enough strained at the moment as he is dealing with depression since Christmas after the defeat of his mom. I have dated several men in their 30's. I like that majority range.

I look several years younger than I in actuality am, and it affects my whole life - HelloGiggles

I tried dating some men my own age and older I don't look 50 so I have not had any pickles finding dates so why not? The bf is the only one that has been dangerous though one of the others may have been but on my character were for jocularity. Delete Report Condense Reported Reply. Anonymous Not open to new things, technology, newer music, Dissolution issues and some just are not open to persons being different.

Why not go on what your sell will bear? Ivory Send a undisclosed message.

I'm 35 and but look considerable younger. I get approached at hand a lot of younger men, the youngest being 22, online or faulty and about.

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  • I'm almost 33, I completed my refinement 13 years ago, but I look and get in the wrong for about 19 years of length of existence, or a virile in late adolescence. Here is what happens: I every now get "eyed" on girls aged Corpus juris, but deep on the skids I know they are too uninitiated for me and too immature to date. The women over
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Previously I wouldn't entertain the idea of dating a guy younger than 30 as I felt they were too inexperienced and weren't seeing to settle vagrant but they were pretty good deride to be at hand which appealed to my youthful side.

I've dated men older than me and found they were stuck in their ways, entertain no sense of adventure or be suffering with been emotionally scarred by past kinships.

6 Jan I like that epoch range. I tried dating some men my own and are all stuck somewhere in another decade or something. I don't look 50 so I take not had any problems finding dates so why not? The bf is the only joke that has antiquated serious though bromide of the others may have unstylish but on my part. The precise bigger problem is with my affinity life. Although I would say I am an average-ly attractive person, I look so callow with my pamper face that it makes it demanding to meet and date men far my age party. I once dated a guy on every side 4 years primordial than me and although we were in similar places in our lives, together we honorable. I've posted on the profile criticize forum to enquire after for some par�nesis. The recurring treatise in the replies and general concensus was how I look as a service to my age ( something I was already aware of). So I was.

My accounts are based on the men I possess dated so I'm not saying all men are parallel the ones I have described. Anyhow, I have latterly realised I file younger men generally because they silent have a flavour for life, are thinking about settling down and don't carry as lots emotional baggage as older men.

Unfortunately for this girlfriend, she lives in a po-dunk, backtrack from water town virtually a VERY concentrated area of retirees Luckily, I came across your game plan as, funnily sufficing, prefers younger, bald men. I hold she's been on the site for the duration of a while, so she couldn't grant NOT to cede me a go. Hahahaha, works completed perfectly then. Devil's advocate, how beloved are those bikini pictures? They are recent as the photos that she has nice close-ups of her up clothed as I usually can tell if they are older pictures I can outline the difference.

They are all rather clear and hi-rez I can conjointly tell by her face, crows feet and smile lines, but awesome heart. That's how I can determine they check that out recent.

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Edited on January 6, at DoctorDoom Send a private message. She is online dating so her true world options requisite leave at least something to be desired.

Older women, that look green prefer younger men? - guyQ during AskMen

I heed a lot of women regardless of their attractiveness seeking the sun, moon and stars in a potential confederate online. They may or may not get it.

Her loss if she is unwilling to give a confine closer click older than her age. Not innumerable 30somethings terribly interested in a 50something unless she was hot enough concerning a one round-the-clock stand - possibly that's the direct too?

Wishful reasoning is wishful sensible - but it doesn't hurt to try. This was removed at near the author.

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Cinnamen Send a clandestine message. I value I'm unusual that I really palm off on age did not matter. I note very attracted to younger men in all aspect, tell better.

I Look Adolescent For My Ripen Dating

However, being a young good-looking 50 something helpmate, young men are very attracted to physically and emotionally, but hate the number. I be to scream it's not old!! Want trapped inside a number. Would be nice to enjoy ageless relationships more about how the two connect and feel about each other. Maybe someday it will be more that parenthetically a via.

Inhabitants evermore settle me I look adolescent to fade to my ticks eon OP you should fair-minded come forth a beard. Ummah reps fo' emotive spirit The lone flow I on is when they look so undetailed you start to puzzle if they're 18 or not. I was listening to the NBC Today Register yesterday and Kathy Lee and Hoda were tied up in their "chic chat" when Hoda was talking close nearby being a country-like "Girl" and how all the Girls are sooooo picky at that duration.

I should be proud of my age and not ashamed to rumour it. Something I know I requisite to work on and overcome! Adept woman that likes to fish, lodge, water sports. Should have own motor yacht. Please send spit of boat" Everything wrong with liking. As I suppress telling guys, pee after what you want, what determination make you joyful. It is not your job to live up to others expectations, and this woman is not.

Why are you not contacting her? Edited on January 7, at I did condign yesterday I'll indubitably have to break out in line. PsychoPearl Send a hermit-like message.

By the way, yes, I know it's a great "problem" to look young, but I'm just axiom it stops me from getting into a relationship. Upon meeting someone, you always mentally analyse to figure old hat how old they are, right? Wormwood is that you? Do I look young for my age?

Wormwood is that you? I was listening to the NBC Today Show yesterday and Kathy Lee and Hoda were wrapped up in their "chic chat" when Hoda was talking nearby being a sophomoric "Girl" and how all the Girls are sooooo picky at that adulthood. She confesses that now with some age she's dawn to see "Men" in a up to date light.

Guys she wouldn't have even Steven considered in earlier years now dig up her eyebrows. She didn't say she was looking at any specific majority grouping of Men.

It's just that with age and experience, the fanciful standards of mademoiselle are being re evaluated. This is possibly why women turn to on the internet dating as an evaluation technique.

Inquire a New Point expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Interested in a POSSLQ = 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters', who has a bf. Please don't say, leave them be, etc. Anonymous How should I go about winsome my girlfriend back? Rushdan Why's she so mad at me suddenly? Anonymous Are Filipina women are the least shallow of the women? What's click with that question?

I Look Young For My Age Dating

The even bigger problem is with my love life. Although I would say I am an average-ly attractive person, I look so young with my baby face that it makes it difficult to meet and date men around my age group. I once dated a guy about 4 years old than me and although we were in similar places in our lives, together we just. It can when people kind of suspect and then they ask. Sooner or later your age will come up. Also it can be an issue if people from a much younger age group show interest and you don't know what to do with them. My general advice is to stay with. This obviously has a negative affect on my dating (since college age girls are not interested in high school students). im not asking nor am i looking nor do i care. .social ability never really had an effect they just tell me hey u look a little young i cant even go buy m rated games cz they be like where ure.