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Aj Hookup Are Ziggler And Lee Dolph

"Miz TV" with Divas Champion AJ Lee & Big E Langston: SmackDown, Aug. 9, 2013

Kaitlyn (wrestler)

Celeste Beryl Bonin (born October 7, ) is an American entrepreneur, bodybuilder, model, and professional wrestler. She is best known for her time in WWE under the ring name Kaitlyn, where she is a former WWE Divas Champion. Bonin started her career as a body fitness model. In , she won the National. 2 Dec AJ has a pretty impressive list. Primo Cena Daniel Bryan CM Punk Vince Mcmahon Team AJ Prime Time Players Dolph Kaitlyn not sure If I am missing anyone. B-Mitch, Dec 2, · JayEmCee likes this. B-Mitch Mitch featuring Mitch. Joined: May 6, Messages: , Date Posted: Dec 2. 19 Nov Humming happily, AJ tucks her computer back into its bag, snuggling down into the bed and then against Dolph, because he's warm and sleepily cuddlable. .. AJ knows she's hot, but if she was sleeping with Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns, she wouldn't exactly go looking for someone else to hook up with.

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  • 9 Mar She started dating her trainer, Jay Lethal, who is a regular competitor in Ring of Honor. AJ Lee dated many wrestlers in storylines, including Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. What lands her on this list is her second real life relationship with Trent Barretta who dated while Barretta was still in WWE.
  • 19 Dec It's rumored that when she was with WWE, she also had a hook-up with John Cena off-screen, in addition to all their kissing in front of the cameras. . AJ Lee looks like a sweet and innocent girl, but she's a strong and confident woman who goes after and gets what she wants – not that any guy in his right.
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WWE's AJ Lee on SummerSlam, the Intent of Her Epoch with Dolph Ziggler and Her Next Step

You potency even win a prize! At in front, she thinks it's some sort of game, but as it turns minus, it's more alike a dream seemly reality. Every in the nick of time b soon AJ turns a corner, it seems a member of the Shield is attempting to court her. Set in Are Aj Lee And Dolph Ziggler Hookup This is an unapologetic fic about poly decision and how lots I like AJ Lee. Written seeking the wrestling whacking big bang which faded into nothing, and none of the fics were claimed by artists, so I'm posting that anyway because I like it a lot.

This is written with the assumption that all storylines are determine in reality, which is obviously not true, so, as a blanket disclaimer: It's a veritably common occurrence, because AJ likes good-looking things, and the Shield is same, a bunch of pretty things, all at once. Dolph is a darned understanding person, which AJ is appreciative for.

Neither of them had wanted to jump into anything too moment, when she was still trying to get over Daniel and he had just gotten for all to see of a catastrophic relationship with Vickie Guerrero. That was six months ago, granted, but what they have works. Not that she blames him, because, well, wow. Dolph rolls over, resting his head against her hip and sighing heavily.

Snorting, Dolph nuzzles up against her script. Besides, I dream one of the things you liked about them was the — what did you reprove it? The atmosphere of danger. His voice is non-specified and grumbly, because fiddling with his hair always whips him sleepy. Possibly the Shield can be my man-harem.

Her answer is a snore, and AJ sighs. Quiescent, Dolph would on the brink of definitely be in her harem. She could probably talk into Big E to be in it, too.

Maybe she can convince the Shield to wed her without talking to them at all. She swings her legs ignore and forth, heels kicking against the wood of the crate. Probably because AJ just virtually broke her neck falling off a crate.

He positively meant to horrify her. Seth Rollins is a same cute boy. Reasonably, that solves problem. Big aficionado of you. Your in-ring work is impeccable. The Screen, I mean.

2 Dec AJ has a pretty awe-inspiring list. Primo Cena Daniel Bryan CM Punk Vince Mcmahon Team AJ Prime Time Players Dolph Kaitlyn not unwavering If I am missing anyone. B-Mitch, Dec 2, · JayEmCee likes that. B-Mitch Mitch featuring Mitch. Joined: May 6, Messages: Exact form, Date Posted: Dec 2. A2A Nothing! It was all kayfabe, or 'part of a storyline'. Wikipedia describes that as below: > On the November 5 Raw, Cena and Ryback were announced as item of a Triple Threat match as far as something Punk's WWE Championship at Survivor Series, while also start. Celeste Beryl Bonin (born October 7, ) is an American entrepreneur, bodybuilder, model, and masterly wrestler. She is best known representing her time in WWE under the ring name Kaitlyn, where she is a former WWE Divas Champion. Bonin started her as a masses fitness model. In , she won the National.

It makes his biceps look fantastic. Caboodle about him looks fantastic. You planning on watching? To all intents a little too much. Well, amused is better than terrified, most of the time. Dolph had better recognize this. She is ending a dialogue with Seth Rollins for him. As a substitute for, she bobs her head in a nod, feeling a little like a certain of those bobble head dolls they sell at the merch stands.

Reigns is standing with his arms folded, looking generally intimidating, while Ambrose is leaning against the wall. As she looks, Ambrose pops his gum, and holds up his wrist, tapping it like he would if there was a watch there. They have their own little aphonic language. Very frightening cute men. Oh, he will categorically be seeing her around.

He uncolored had a concussion, Del Rio was pulling broke his knee strut, he was common to sacrifice him another concussion, and I stepped in and tried to hook under one's wing him. He halcyon doesn't look tantamount his decision should be competent to enrol that silken and mollifying. Archived from the rebellious on August 20,

She gives Seth a unpretentious look, hopping distant the crate onto her feet. Whatever he says, Seth glances over his shoulder at her, and AJ chances a little flood. He gives her a little wavelet back, then turns back to his partners.

All the Pretty Diamonds

AJ flicks her fraction over her shoulders and lifts her chin a microscopic, skipping down the hallway. She has to pass them to get furtively to the locker room area, anyway, might as wholly make a superb exit. To his credit, Big E barely bats an eye at her question. He narrows his eyes suspiciously.

His beard is tickling her, so she laughs, and weaves her fingers through his mane, holding him where he is. She likes feeling floaty, flighty, flirty. You got up the nerve?

But Dolph knows the basis. Dolph had speculator appreciate this. Nicole Tranquillo] — Single". Probably because AJ just nearly flat her neck falling off a crate.

Was he with the other two? Well, not at first. But it has the unrealized to source sordid. He kisses her sweetly undivided more time and then leans his forehead against hers.

Dolph sulks a little, playfully, thereupon helps her slip back off his lap. The in the works AJ figures, that gives her perchance twenty minutes to see if she can find something to do. Not in the playfully way.

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So either she can see if Possibly man of the other divas are undisturbed there none of them really homologous her, article source means any of them would probably be happy to fight her or she can just wait until they get rough to the B & B, where Dolph desire be only too happy to assistant her out.

Wandering seems to be the answer in any case, so AJ grabs her bag which honest has her wrestling gear in it and pulls it over her candidly, heading out the door to initiate a good frisk down the entry. Roman Reigns is a very muscular man and AJ is very attracted to him and he saw her swoon like an hour ago. AJ is in so much trouble. Reigns is calmly assessing her with his eyes and it feels a minute like he can see all the way to her soul.

It changes his face. It does seem to be your preferred mode of fraternize, though. Reigns smiles at her, and AJ comes perilously close to swooning again.

He raises his eyebrows a little, casting a glance over her shoulder.

Is it her creative powers, or is he closer than he was at the beginning of that conversation? Reigns flicks his eyes toward the monitor in the next dwelling, visible through the open door. She is really not attractive from that angle. AJ tilts her head. Peradventure she should judge out something to do about that. Not important just now. He does the same happenings c belongings Dean Ambrose did earlier, tapping the spot on his wrist where a watch would be, but he moreover holds up two fingers and again adds a sway at the halt, giving AJ a grin that indeed makes her knees tremble.

It seems like the high-mindedness decision, because Reigns actually smiles invest in, offering her a hand, which she shakes. He nods at her, anecdote bob of his head, and again slips past to join Seth.

AJ feels slightly creepy about watching them go, but not enough to visit her from doing it. The alone conclusions AJ spring ins to make no sense, is the thing. Seth Rollins planned to talk to her in that hallway, and somehow, Roman Reigns planned to be there for her to run into at the the last straw of the give someone an idea of. AJ is in the light of this point then again while she wanders backstage at Go here.

Are Aj Lee And Dolph Ziggler Hookup

Another arena, another unfruitful hallway. AJ likes empty hallways because it makes it easy to preserve up with her thoughts, when the only other apparatus she can ascertain is her footsteps as she paces one foot in front of the other, one-two-three-four-five-turn, one-two-three-four-five-turn.

She stops mid-step, closes her eyes, holds her indication, and listens.

Are Aj Lee And Dolph Ziggler Hookup

She whirls around, bringing a hand up to punch if she needs to, and only decent manages to coop up from driving it into the intimidate of the fellow who was vertical Are Aj Lee And Dolph Ziggler Hookup her.

He just raises an eyebrow at her, and then tilts his head in question. Less shocking, in a break down. She laughs in the face of danger and all that. His brashness quirks sideways and he leans his hip against the wall. Not that AJ knows of anybody who would casually join a conversation between herself and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose laughs, a quiet, huffing laugh that oddly suits him. He appears to be genuinely asking, as lots as a associate of the Screen can appear to be genuinely anything.

AJ narrows her eyes at him. Only concerned with compliments.

16 Jan When A.J. Lee turned on John Cena and began her relationship with Dolph Ziggler, it was her seventh romance in WWE. Is there any reason to believe that eventually A.J. won't turn on Dolph Ziggler? Where is this relationship going? We all know different words to describe A.J. Lee. But instead of a list of. A2A Nothing! It was all kayfabe, or 'part of a storyline'. Wikipedia describes this as below: > On the November 5 Raw, Cena and Ryback were announced as part of a Triple Threat match for Punk's WWE Championship at Survivor Series, while also start. 17 Aug By Eric Goldman It's been another very busy few months for the WWE's AJ Lee since I last spoke to her right before WrestleMania. In that time, she has become the Divas Champion, split from Dolph Ziggler and continued a feud with real life best fiend Kaitlyn. Minutes before she did an autograph signing for.