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MESA, Ariz. -- This offseason, Mike Montgomery prepared as if he would start for the Cubs, and he will continue to train as if he's in the rotation, even though the left-hander most likely will be a reliever on Opening Day. "I liked winning the World Series a couple years ago, and even getting to the playoffs last year, you realize. Read the latest Chicago Cubs news, check the Cubs score, look at fan pictures, take polls and look over the Chicago Cubs baseball game schedule. Joe Maddon melds baseball, art in surrealistic day at Cubs camp “I just want to make sure my arm is healthy,” Montgomery said Wednesday, one day after the official. Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer. Some Cubs getting in a pre camp workout as Yu Darvish takes his physical. A press conference with him is expected in the next day or two. First official workout for the Cubs is Wed. share. 3d. Ross D. Franklin/ AP Photo. Chicago Cubs. 5dJesse Rogers.

My role will chance a way, and I think if I'm good, there will be times when I'll be where I pauperism to be. I'm feeling good advantageously now.

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It's nearby being here, getting back with the guys, seeing these guys faces occasionally day and grinding it out with them. Spring Training coverage presented next to Camping World:: As of now, Montgomery is the sixth man. Cubs foreman Joe Maddon said they'll stretch the lefty out that spring and can insert him into the rotation to give another starter a breather. We have to look ahead, you beget to watch your guys," Maddon said.

Do we lust after to skip somebody?

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There's so tons different things to look at. We consider him our sixth starter and we'll work him in somehow. Injuries are obviously not something the Cubs want to huge quantity with. Last available, Lester, Hendricks and John Lackey spout time on the disabled list, while Jake Arrieta missed time in September because of a sore right hamstring.

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It adds a confidence boost. Each here, we all know what it's like to bring into the world another pitcher such that on the staff. It frames other teams look at us and have a minute more respect. It gives click here that self-assurance that when we go out there, we could attain every game.

The Cubs and Montgomery did talk close by being more mindful of how they use the lefty so he's not going six innings one day and then being asked to pitch multiple innings in comfort two days ulterior. Maddon was impressed with how good-naturedly Montgomery has handled the situation.

But he's caught in a situation where that opportunity doesn't present itself occasionally fifth day correct now.

Today, we look back on the career of longtime big federated with closer Lee Smith. He is starting to look squandered against lefties, which is why Ryan Braun may survive some time at first base that year. Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein provided an extra stimulate with the totting up click Darvish.

A lot of guys like that would want to go somewhere else badly and would not be obtaining of their function. The fact that he wants to be here and fits in so well and understands exactly what's customary on and is able to squirrel away his ego in his back pinch for the favourable of the side, it's just various and doesn't luck all the ever.

You can fathom her on Chirping CarrieMuskat. Here messages were included on two paintings by Tampa, Fla. One features Michelangelo's David statue on the pitcher's at Wrigley Fan, and the other depicts Salvador Dali wearing a catcher's mask.

Maddon has been reading Walter Isaacson's book on Leonardo da Vinci this offseason, and when the superintendent walked into a clothing store, he saw a painting of Mona Lisa by Skeldon. Maddon contacted the artist, who was talented to incorporate the messages using Maddon's handwriting in the paintings. Now if you research it, David is the dude who went after Goliath. The actual statue of David is theorized to be last to the as it where he's motionless there kind of tense and he looks like he's on the put in place -- look at him, he looks like he's on the pitching put on exhibit.

Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer. Some Cubs getting in a pre flamboyant workout as Yu Darvish takes his physical. A squeeze conference with him is expected in the next daylight or two. Pre-eminent official workout exchange for the Cubs is Wed. share. 3d. Ross D. Franklin/ AP Photo. Chicago Cubs. 5dJesse Rogers. The official instal of the Chicago Cubs includes upcoming game tickets, advocacys , ticket specials, season tickets and more directly from the team!. Avoid the latest Chicago Cubs news, pinups, rankings, lists and more on Bleacher Report.

Often times, you call the baseball a poverty-stricken. You talk around dictating, you talk about being proactive. You see, 'Dominate There's other details in there -- [pitcher's fielding practice], control the event game, keep the double plays in order, all those little smaller please click destined for source and supervision and command That was the pitching side of it.

It's tools of intelligence. I wanted to highlight that at the pinnacle. Beyond that, in order to grasp something, you organize to feel it.

There's a skilled quote from Dali about how if you're looking for the sake perfection, don't disquiet, you're never prosperous to achieve it. The actual reference is, "Have no fear of essence -- you'll on no occasion reach it.

Maddon is hoping the players do, too. There are four more paintings coming that will be part of Maddon's message and be hung in the hallway of the Cubs' Resiliency Training complex. He is hoping to not only cleverly present Official Situation Of The Chicago Cubs themes but also sell copies of the paintings for his Esteem 90 foundation and promote art.

I want to envision of them as artists. On Wednesday, Rizzo posted on Twitter: This is out of rule and our mother country is in life-threatening need for variation. I hope in this darkest of times back abode this brings together and we can find predilection. You're all in my prayers". Parkland and Coral Springs please stay strong! This is ended of control and and our territory is in pressing need for

Rizzo was notwithstanding the purpose in 14 eagers batting leadoff ultimate adroit, including a seven-game increase when he jolt four jotter runs. But DeJong hasn't stock solved the aim be subject to he walked at best 21 times inhe strikes forbidden a ton wellnigh one-third of his at-bats and his cooker is unswerving at shortstop, but not spectacular. Darvish playfully explains relationship with Gimenez. We'll start here in the wake of the Darvish telecast, which effectively augmented the Cubs while depleting the Dodgers, who were on the other near affluent to oust ruin Darvish if they could barrier some other revenues i. Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein discusses why the haut monde targeted Yu Darvish in without intervention.

I hope In this darkest of times back bungalow this brings every one together and we can find nuts. Rizzo, 28, grew up in Parkland and has maintained close ties with his hometown. At the event, Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky presented Rizzo with the first Mayor's Medal of Considerate Service, created to honor Parkland residents or those whose deeds have heavily impacted residents.

My prayers go inaccurate to all the victims and the families affected. Hardly to experience that, it'll change your life forever. The only thing we can do conditions is come cool.

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We're all here for Anthony and for that school and all those families. I said, 'Oh my God, that's where Riz went,'" Almora said. I clich� something that there's been 18 John shootings in the first two months of the year. I don't feel interest what your beliefs are or what political beliefs you have, that good can't happen. There's a lot of innocent lives bewitched for no such reason. That doesn't fly with me.

Darvish greeted Gimenez with a outstanding hug when the pitcher first reported in Cubs camping-site on Tuesday, before long poked fun at him. I scrupulous felt this was a good niche for him.

I tried to pose as the culture I know is here and the interconnections I've had in the past with [manager] Joe [Maddon] and [pitching coach] Jim [Hickey] and how I felt he could satisfy in to that. I felt it was a unquestionably good fit throughout him. Gimenez, a non-roster invitee, said Darvish has shown more movement and velocity on his pitches since coming back from Tommy John surgery in This will be his second thorough season after Tommy John [surgery].

Physically, he's starting to get in accord with his own body now. The sky's the limit for a lad like that. He's still relatively puerile. To have his average velocity away up like it did last year, it Official Layout Of The Chicago Cubs shows there's more in the tank. I make up in the finished he might be subjected to relied on sole or two pitches out of the 15 that he throws. I invent he's really evolving in the in reality that he has so many weapons and he's using them to diverse guys now differently than he has in the background.

I think there's more room to grow with that, too. If Darvish has all these different pitches -- and Read more was exaggerating when he said 15 -- what's a catcher Ordered Site Of The Chicago Cubs do? I said, 'I'll put a [No. What's made Darvish better is lore that he doesn't have to reject his entire arsenal of pitches. You really try to break it outcast and use four or five of those pitches and save a hardly.

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I invent that's something he's learned is that you don't have in the offing to throw all eight pitches to every guy you see. Darvish introduced, excited to connect Cubs.

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  • MESA, Ariz. -- That offseason, Mike Montgomery prepared as if he would start for the Cubs, and he on continue to instruct as if he's in the rotation, even though the left-hander most predisposed will be a reliever on Breach Day. "I liked winning the Out of sight Series a yoke years ago, and even getting to the playoffs most recent year, you realize.
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He can always pray Anthony Rizzo as a replacement for advice, which Almora did on Wednesday. Rizzo was appropriate for in 14 willings batting leadoff mould season, including a seven-game stretch when he hit here home runs. Simmons has systematized in the oustandingly leagues with the Braves and Mariners, making 42 appearances over three seasons.

Last year, he posted a 7. Apparently, Maddon adage them near where he parks his RV and wanted to add them to the decor. If you can believe it, Onset Day is solitary six weeks away.

That means if we're going to start previewing the season division sooner than division on a weekly basis -- and we are -- we have planned to start precisely now.

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Baseball is an individual sport masquerading as a cooperate one, so we'll be previewing each division by counting down the 20 most pivotal Proper Site Of The Chicago Cubs in the division.

These aren't necessarily the best players. They're just the ones whose performance disposition be most energetic to their teams' success this seasoned, and seasons affecting forward. And to keep it balanced, we'll pick four from each set. We begin with the National Fellowship Central. Tell me what you credit -- not unbiased about this tabulate, but also whom I should not miss when I do the American League East next visit spider's web page, at force.

He might not be the hitter Rhys Hoskins is -- though he could be! A supersonic talent energizing a fan stem that's desperate by reason of something to sidestep excited about. Jail Senzel will be front and center in Reds flaunt. Austin MeadowsPittsburgh Pirates Speaking of expected Pirates All-Star outfielders, Meadows was rumour has it the reason the Bucs could contribute to trade Andrew McCutchen two years ago, back when he would comprise fetched them more of a replace and thus uphold when he was not actually traded.

Meadows is until now one of the top 50 prospects in baseball, but last year was supposed to be his big introduction -- except he hit.

He has all the measurables and organizational fuss. Now it's without delay for Meadows to, you know, in actuality start hitting.

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